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5 Things to keep in Mind while CAR Claim Settlement

Table of Contents


1-Take carcare of yourself and your personal Belongings.

2 -Keep Clam and make yourself Comfortable.

STEP 2 – INTROSPECT the Damage Done. Take out your Policy detail – CALL on Insurance Helpline Number ; give detail about the incident. Use the *RSA option if you have it in Policy. *Road Side Assistance

STEP 3 – Check Insurance Website or call athe gent to kthe now Cashless Car Dealer/ Garage.

While Taking Garage – Must carry Address Proof/Pan Card /Driving Licence / Car RC / Policy Very Important Step – – While giving your car at garage .

The Claim form will be filled out It must be filled Correctly with every details i.e How the accident took place” and What are the damages.” Our Advice on : NCB too much – Damage Too small “Should we Go for the claim”.

Too Much Damage and Policy Without ZeroDep Two much Damage with ZeroDep Cover Policy.

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 About Author

About Author

Shanu Ahluwalia, an IRDA certified insurance seller, content creator, and the founder of the IBEEMA GLOBAL. With over 12 years of experience in the insurance industry, I have helped countless individuals, businesses, and corporates in settling claim amounts for various policies including motor, travel, marine, fire, workers' compensation, and car policies. To learn more about me, please visit my about page or explore my video content on YouTube and Instagram.


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