We always prefer and suggest that everyone buys insurance policies through personal interactions only. Claims assistance involves logging claims, filing them, preparing the necessary documents in accordance with the company's third-party surveyors, and providing assistance in maintaining other claims processing procedures.

more than 30% claim remain unsettled

In addition to selling insurance services to our customers, we have a mission to ensure the prompt settlement of legitimate claims. It has been observed that 30% of claims remain unresolved due to insufficient knowledge about the insurance products purchased online or offline by the policyholders.

We also guide


The insured in which administrative office or desk or office they have to visit to settle the claim.


We also help prepare the pending documents left in settling the claims.


We also guide and share details of the insurance company's general administrative office or any clerical desk or office the insured has to visit to obtain all of the information necessary to process claims.

Client Testimonials​

Prakhar Srivastava
2 months ago
They guided me through the intricacies of various insurance options, ensuring I fully understood each policy's coverage and benefits. Their transparency and willingness to address all my concerns instilled a sense of trust and confidence in their services.
punitchibber chibber
2 weeks ago
Good service whenever we call to them they give positive response i have a claim they support and my claim got settled
Agam Kansal
2 weeks ago
Brilliant place for all types of insurance. Always connected with every claim settlement.. Hassle free.. Kudos to beemawala..
rahul goyal
6 months ago
Beemawala and team is a best Company for take any type of insurance. They support and take care of your claim . Thanks a lot for your support of my claims many times .
Devyani Kharbanda
2 years ago
Shantanu is professional and very prompt in responding to my questions. I’m a repeated client and he’s been supportive throughout. I highly recommend his services. I wish him and his team good luck for future.

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