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What is Personal Accidental Insurance Policy ?

A Personal Accidental Insurance Policy is a type of insurance that provides coverage in the event of accidental injuries or death. It offers financial protection to the insured and their family against unexpected accidents. The policy covers a wide range of accidents, such as those occurring at home, workplace, or during travel. In case of accidental death or bodily injury leading to permanent disability, the policy provides a lump sum amount as compensation. This coverage is especially important as it helps alleviate the financial burden on the insured and their family during a difficult time.

Example Scenario: Accident took place on project Site

Scenario: Mr. Rajesh runs a marketing company, and one day, while he was traveling for a business meeting, an accident took place on the road. HE sustained serious injuries in the accident.

How the Personal Accidental Insurance Policy will help Mr. Rajesh:

1. Financial Compensation: The Policy will provide financial compensation to the injured person to cover medical expenses, hospitalization costs, and treatment fees required for his recovery.

2. Disability Benefits: In case the person suffers from a permanent disability due to the accident, the policy will offer disability benefits to support him financially and help him cope with the challenges ahead.

3. Accidental Death Coverage: If, unfortunately, the accident leads to the person’s death, the PA Policy will offer a lump-sum amount as compensation to the person’s family, helping them during their difficult times.

4. Ambulance Expenses: The policy will cover the ambulance expenses incurred in transporting the injured person to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

5. Rehabilitation Coverage: The PA Policy may also provide rehabilitation coverage to support the person’s recovery process, including physiotherapy or specialized care, as needed.

6. Transportation Costs for Family: If the person needs prolonged treatment in a different city, the policy might cover the transportation costs for the persons’s family to be with them during their recovery period.

7.Temporary Total Disability Benefits: If the Person’s injuries lead to temporary disability, rendering him unable to work for a certain period, the policy will offer temporary total disability benefits, ensuring he receives a portion of his regular income during the recovery period.

Coverages of Personal Accidental Insurance Policy

Accidental Death Coverage

Financial compensation is provided to the beneficiary in the unfortunate event of the insured member’s death due to an accident.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Coverage

If the insured member becomes permanently and completely disabled due to an accident, the policy offers compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) Coverage

In case of a permanent partial disability caused by an accident, the policy provides compensation based on the extent of the disability.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Coverage

If the insured member suffers from a temporary total disability, hindering their ability to work, the policy offers financial support during this period.

Medical Expenses Coverage

The policy covers the medical expenses incurred for treatment of injuries sustained in an accident.

Hospitalization Benefits

Financial benefits are provided for hospitalization expenses arising from accident-related injuries.

Ambulance Expenses Coverage

The policy covers the expenses incurred for ambulance services required due to an accident.

Transportation Allowance

The policy may cover transportation costs for the insured’s family in case of death or disability.

Education Grant

The policy may provide an education grant for the insured member’s dependent children in case of accidental death or permanent total disability.

Repatriation Benefits

If the insured member’s accident occurs while traveling abroad, the policy may cover the expenses for repatriating their remains to their home country.

Additional Add-ons OF Personal Accidental Insurance

Daily Hospital Cash

Offers a daily cash allowance for each day of hospitalization due to an accident, providing extra financial support.

Accidental Medical Reimbursement

Provides reimbursement for medical expenses incurred due to an accident, even if the insured member has other health insurance.

Loss of Income Benefit

Offers a regular income replacement to the insured member if they are unable to work due to an accident, ensuring financial stability during recovery.

Family Transportation Cover

Covers the transportation expenses of the insured member’s family to be with them during hospitalization or treatment.

Child Education Benefit

Provides a lump sum amount to support the education of the insured member’s dependent children in case of the insured’s accidental death or permanent disability.

Modification for Sports or Adventure Activities

Extends coverage to include injuries sustained during sports or adventure activities, which are typically excluded in standard policies.

Worldwide Coverage Extension

Expands the coverage beyond the geographical limits of the policy, providing protection during international travel or work assignments.

Legal and Funeral Expenses

Covers legal expenses arising from claim disputes and also provides a lump sum amount towards funeral expenses.

Emergency Assistance Services

Offers access to 24/7 emergency assistance services, including medical advice, travel arrangements, and other support during an accident.

Air Ambulance Cover

This add-on covers expenses for air ambulance transportation in case of an accident, ensuring swift and efficient medical evacuation, especially in remote or critical situations.

Coma Benefit

In case of an insured member being in a coma due to an accident, this add-on provides additional financial support with a lump sum amount, assisting during the coma period.

Weekly Cash Benefits

This add-on provides a weekly cash allowance to the insured member during temporary disability caused by an accident, assisting with day-to-day expenses.

Factors Determining the Premium of Personal Accidental Insurance

Age of Member

The age of the insured member is considered as younger members generally pose a lower risk of accidents, leading to relatively lower premiums.

Occupational Risks

The nature of the group’s occupation or profession is assessed to gauge the associated risk level. High-risk occupations may result in higher premiums.

Coverage Limit

The sum insured or coverage limit chosen by the insured group impacts the premium. Higher coverage limits will lead to higher premiums.


If the insured group opts for additional add-ons or riders to enhance the policy coverage, it will affect the overall premium cost.

Geographical Coverage

The geographic area where the insured group operates or resides is considered, as certain regions may have higher accident risks, influencing the premium.

Previous Claims History

The claim history of the insured group is taken into account. A group with a low claims frequency may be offered lower premiums.

Policy Term

The duration of the policy, whether it is a one-year term or a longer period, impacts the premium calculation.

Medical History

The medical history of the insured members, if considered for coverage, may influence the premium amount.

Occupational Hazards

If the insured group involves engaging in high-risk activities or sports, it may result in an adjustment to the premium.

Major Differences Between Workman Compensation Policy and Personal Accident Policy

Aspect Workman Compensation Policy Group Personal Accident Policy
Provides coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses of employees.
Provides coverage for accidental injuries or death of insured members within the group.
Mandatory for employers under labor laws to cover employees.
Voluntary and can be opted by employers for specific groups of individuals.
Protects employers from financial liabilities arising from employee injuries.
provides financial support to the insured or their beneficiaries in case of accidents.
Employees or workers engaged in the course of employment.
Group members or individuals specified in the policy.
Premium Calculation
Based on the nature of the business, employee wages, and risk factors.
Calculated based on the sum insured and age group of members.
Coverage Duration
Continuous coverage throughout the policy period.
Coverage is for a specified term, usually one year.
Covers medical expenses, disability benefits, and death benefits for employees.
Provides compensation for accidental death, permanent or partial disability, and other benefits as per the policy.
Type of Injuries Covered
Work-related injuries and occupational diseases.
Accidental injuries and death, regardless of the cause.
Commute Coverage
Usually does not cover injuries during daily commutes.
May or may not include coverage for daily commutes.
Legal Requirement
Mandatory for certain businesses under labour laws.
Not mandatory but may be required by certain organizations.
Extent of Coverage
Comprehensive coverage for work-related incidents.
Limited to accidents and injuries specified in the policy.
Purpose of Coverage
Primarily aimed at compensating employees and protecting employers.
Focuses on providing financial assistance to the insured or their beneficiaries.

How to Settle Personal Accidental Insurance

Notify the Insurer

Inform the insurance company about the accident and the claim at the earliest. Provide details such as the policy number, date, and time of the accident, and the names of the insured members involved.

Complete Claim Form

Fill out the claim form provided by the insurer, providing all necessary information accurately and truthfully.

Submit Supporting Documents

Submit all required documents, such as medical reports, hospital bills, police reports, death certificates (if applicable), and any other relevant evidence supporting the claim.

Claim Evaluation

The insurer will assess the claim based on the policy terms, coverage, and the circumstances of the accident. They may also conduct investigations if needed.

Medical Examination

In case of injury claims, the insurer may require a medical examination of the injured party to verify the extent of the injuries.

Decision and Settlement

After evaluating the claim, the insurer will make a decision on the settlement amount. If the claim is approved, the insurer will proceed with the settlement process.

Claim Payout

The insurer will provide compensation as per the policy terms. It could be a lump sum for accidental death or disability, or reimbursement for medical expenses.

Dispute Resolution

In case of claim disputes, the insured can follow the insurer’s complaint resolution process or seek help from the insurance ombudsman.

Exclusions of Personal Accidental Insurance

Intentional Self-Injury

Any injury or loss resulting from deliberate self-harm or suicide attempts is not covered.

Pre-existing Conditions

Injuries or disabilities arising from pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses are excluded from coverage.

War and Terrorism

Accidents caused by acts of war, invasion, foreign enemy actions, terrorism, or acts of terrorism are generally not covered.

Participation in Illegal Activities

Injuries sustained while engaging in illegal activities or criminal acts are excluded.

Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Accidents or injuries that occur while the insured member is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substances are not covered.

Professional Sports and Adventure Activities

Injuries resulting from participation in professional sports events or high-risk adventure activities, such as skydiving or mountaineering, may be excluded.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Injuries or complications related to pregnancy or childbirth are typically not covered.

Nuclear and Radioactive Contamination

Accidents caused by nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination are usually excluded.

Injuries from Civil Unrest

Accidents arising from civil unrest, riots, or public disturbances may not be covered.

Treatment Outside Policy Territory

Medical treatment for injuries received outside the geographical coverage specified in the policy is generally excluded.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement under Personal Accidental Insurance Policy

in case of an accident

Claim Form

The duly filled and signed claim form provided by the insurance company.

Policy Document

A copy of the policy document showing the coverage details and policy number.

Accident Report

A detailed report describing the accident, including the date, time, location, and circumstances.

Medical Records

Medical certificates, reports, and bills from the attending medical practitioner or hospital, confirming the injuries sustained and the treatment provided.

Death Certificate (If applicable)

In case of accidental death, a copy of the death certificate is required.

Police Report (If applicable)

If the accident involved legal authorities, a copy of the police report or FIR (First Information Report) may be needed.

Witness Statements

Statements from witnesses who can corroborate the details of the accident.

ID Proof of the Insured

Valid identification documents, such as a passport or Aadhaar card, to establish the identity of the insured member.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement under Personal Accidental Insurance Policy

In case of a fatal death

Claim Form

A duly filled and signed claim form, providing details of the accident and the deceased employee’s personal information.

Death Certificate

The original death certificate issued by the relevant authorities, attested if required.

Post-Mortem Report

If an autopsy was conducted, the post-mortem report detailing the cause of death.

Police Report/FIR

A copy of the First Information Report (FIR) or police report filed in case of an accidental death.

Medical Reports

Medical reports from the hospital or medical facility where the deceased was treated, confirming the cause of death.

Witness Statements

Statements from witnesses who may have witnessed the accident or have relevant information about the incident.

Bank Details

Details of the nominee or beneficiary’s bank account where the claim amount should be deposited.

Nominee/Beneficiary Proof

Proof of the relationship between the nominee/beneficiary and the deceased employee, such as a legal heir certificate or nomination form.

ID Proof of the Insured

Valid identification documents, such as a passport or Aadhaar card, to establish the identity of the insured member.
It’s essential to thoroughly review your policy documents to understand the specific documentation requirements for your travel insurance claim. Different situations may necessitate different documents, so it’s recommended to keep all relevant records during your trip to expedite the claims process.

Contact Information for Claim Settlement: related to Personal Accidental Insurance

If Policy Obtained through Agent/Broker

Claims are the reason we get a car insurance in the first place! Therefore, ensure the claim process of your desired car insurance is smooth and doesn’t take too long. When you’re in trouble, the last thing you want is, to spend all your time and energy in just filing a claim!

If Policy Obtained Directly from Insurance Company

Claim Settlements are basically getting your compensations done right. Claims being such an important part of a car insurance, check for your desired insurer’s claim settlement ratio so that you’re assured that no matter what, your claims will be settled!

Claim Contact Information for Policy from

If you have taken the policy from, please use the following contact details to register your claim.

  • Phone: +91-9654259715
  • Email:

Frequently Asked Questions: Personal Accidental Insurance Policy

A personal accidental insurance policy is designed to provide financial protection in case of accidental injuries or death caused by unforeseen events.
Personal accidental insurance provides coverage by offering a lump sum amount in the event of accidental death or injuries leading to disabilities.
Personal accidental cover includes compensation for accidental death, permanent or temporary disabilities, medical expenses, and related treatments.
No, personal accidental insurance is distinct from health insurance as it specifically covers accidental injuries and death, whereas health insurance covers medical expenses due to illnesses.
Personal accidental insurance focuses on providing coverage for accidental injuries or death, while life insurance covers death due to any cause.
Yes, PNB Rakshak Plus is an insurance policy that offers personal accidental (death) cover, providing financial security to the insured and their family in case of accidental death.
Yes, many personal accidental insurance policies offer coverage for accidents that occur during travel.
The coverage amount varies, but SBI Personal Accidental Insurance policies generally offer substantial coverage to financially secure individuals and their families.

It covers injuries or damages caused to passengers traveling in your vehicle.

You can usually download your SBI Personal Accidental Insurance certificate from the insurance provider’s website or through their customer portal.
PNB Rakshak Plus offers coverage amounts that vary based on the policy you choose, providing financial protection for accidental death.
Yes, you can often add personal accidental cover as an add-on to your car insurance policy to protect against accidental injuries while driving.
HDFC Personal Accidental Death Cover provides a lump sum amount in case of accidental death due to covered events, helping your family financially.
Yes, personal accidental insurance is available as a group policy, often offered by employers to their employees for added protection.
Personal accidental cover in a car insurance policy provides compensation for accidental injuries or death of the insured while traveling in the insured vehicle.
Yes, Axis Bank and other financial institutions often provide personal accidental insurance cover to ensure financial security against accidents.
The add-on cover offers additional compensation in case of accidental death while driving the insured vehicle.
SBI General Personal Accidental Insurance covers accidental death, permanent disabilities, and medical expenses arising from accidents.
You can usually avail SBI General’s personal accidental insurance by applying through their website or contacting their customer service.
Yes, personal accidental insurance covers active individuals, as accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of their lifestyle.
PNB Rakshak Plus provides a personal accidental death cover that offers financial support to the insured’s family in case of accidental death.
Yes, many personal accidental insurance policies also cover permanent disabilities resulting from accidents, offering financial aid during challenging times.

Yes, Group Personal Accidental Insurance is available for organizations to cover their employees or members against accidents.

Yes, Personal Accidental Insurance policies are also available for individuals to protect themselves and their families from accidental risks.

Yes, some policies offer coverage for temporary disabilities, providing financial support during recovery periods.

Yes, HDFC policies may offer Personal Accidental Death Cover as an add-on option to enhance coverage.

Yes, SBI General Insurance offers Personal Accidental Insurance policies.

Personal Accidental Insurance covers accidental death and injuries, while Life Insurance provides coverage for death due to natural causes and other events.

Group Personal Accidental Insurance provides financial security to the insured members and their families in case of accidental disabilities or death.

The policy coverage typically starts after the payment of the premium and as per the policy terms and conditions.

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